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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Witches and Catholics

I met a bright woman that expressed strong views against racism along with a zeal for tolerance and I thought I would like to get to know her and maybe make a new friend. After a couple of exchanges I find out she is a practicing witch.

She was raised in a non-practicing Reformed Jewish household and is non Christian & says Jesus is not high on her list. Wiccans (I assume her witch community) views Jesus as a man God representative. Sort of like a stand in for God and is sacrificed.

Her views made my bottom lip quiver. "Mary worship" she says is an interesting cult! GULP! She is talking about me the devout Catholic. I tell her if she is a devil worshipper and wishes harm to others, game over, no friendship. Her response, "No self respecting neo-pagan or Wiccan would worship the devil. Satan is a Christian concept." Who knew or thought of it in those terms? "Wiccan code of ethics doesn't permit harming of others," she says. Peace loving witches, o.k. I'm being cautiously tolerant now.

I find out she did perform what is called an unbinding ritual on a friend that gave her permission to break lingering psychic ties to an ex-husband. She also did one on herself to break lingering psychic ties to an ex boy friend.

I can see that. Perfectly normal. I've had to unbind myself from a few ex friends myself basically by changing my telephone number and spamming their un-wanted emails. Unbinding is necessary some times. I'm catching on to the Wiccan way.

She believes in Karma (whatever you do will come back to you). I'm there on that point (you reap what you sow). "All Souls Day," is a big time for witches to commune with the dead. I celebrate this custom also and clean off graves of loved ones, say extra prayers and usually light candles in their honor. No conversations with the dead though, just remembering and honoring them. O.K. maybe this can work out.

She believes in absolute tolerance of others but despise people who use religion as an excuse to hate or discriminate against others. I guess there are bad witches and good witches just like there are bad people and good people. Who am I to judge or discriminate against someone because of their differences. After all isn't that what I preach and how I try to live my life.

Welcome Wiccans and neo-pagans to Debra's blog. All are welcome here in peace, harmony and love. A Witch and a Catholic who would have thought that would make a friendship. Do you have a friend whose beliefs are different from yours but you still manage to be friends? What's your tolerance level like?


  1. as long as their beliefs are not harmful to anyone I could care less, it's all about character, great post.

  2. rch-exactly! Bingo, so what. Why can't we all just respect each other

  3. I used to judge people when I was younger and dumber. Now, I realize that building bridges and developing friendships is what life is about. Of course I am old and wise now...mostly old.

  4. Wow, the first time I visit your blog, and I could write all day long on this topic! I think it's meant to be.

    But I'll paraphrase, I practice eclectic Wicca (a witch without a coven) and my boyfriend is a very serious orthodox Christian. It use to freak him the heck out, and then I explained it to him and now he's fine with it as long as I don't use magic on him. Which is when I explained that you NEVER practice magic on someone without their permission.

  5. Great post! To me, religion doesn't matter. It's all about character. My family is an interfaith family. I'm Catholic. My husband is Jewish. We respect each other, and it works out beautifully.

  6. One of the things about the internet - both good and bad, obviously - is that you meet people without prejudice and later as your friendship strengthens you learn their culture is perhaps not one you admire. Is that a reason to break a friendship? Not for me. If they tried to ram their culture down my throat, so to speak, then that would be a different ball game.

  7. I think people who are predudiced against religion or colour are very sad people who cannot see that there is good in all colours and creeds.

  8. This is the first of your posts that I've read, but I like you already. I'm not a Witch or a Catholic. I'm not a Christian, not a Jew. I believe that God (or whatever people want to call Him) lives within each of us and that because of that, we have within us every answer we will ever need. We simply have to be still and then listen to and honor the voice within.

  9. I love this post! By blood, I am a Brahman(Indian caste) and I do know that there are bad Brahmans and good Brahmans. There is no representation of God or Satan, but rather a notion of each element; Hinduism is an abstract religion, very much so 'pagan' in nature. We actually depict many gods and goddesses, each a symbol of emotion, duty, ability, the universe, and creation.

    My husband aligns himself more with Zen Buddhism, I love him; his mother was a devout Catholic, so fortunate to have had that in my life; my mother married a Christian man, yet she continues to be very much so 'Hindu'; my sister and her husband are of the Mormon church, needless to say, we are a mixed bag!

    And my friend, Debra, such a wise and free devote of God! I hope you have the most blessed day dear. :)

  10. Although I am most definitely a Christian, with all the 'normal' beliefs in place, I enjoy learning about other religions. Actually, I find them absolutely fascinating.

    Questions come to mind. For example, who am I to tell someone their devout beliefs are incorrect? Perhaps Our Maker is guiding them down a different path? Only God knows.

    Great blog!

  11. This is an awesome post and all the comments are great. I'm following you now and look forward to reading more.